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Things to Consider Before Rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty is a rhinoplasty procedure performed on the nose area, which forms the proportion and focal point of the face, on the basic condition of proportion and symmetry. With the application of rhinoplasty, the structure of the nose is reconstructed through an intervention performed surgically. 

With the application of rhinoplasty;

  • Changes can be made to the size of the nose, the nose can be reduced or enlarged if it is too small. 
  • The shape of the nose bridge can be changed.
  • The nose flesh can be reduced.
  • The angle of the nose and upper lip can be arranged in the most appropriate way.
  • The nostrils can be narrowed.
  • Deviations or blockages in the nose can be eliminated. 

Rhinoplasty appears as a method applied to people who are functionally, physically or aesthetically dissatisfied with the structure of the nose in accordance with complaints and detailed evaluations. 

Rhinoplasty is an important surgical operation that requires attention and care in terms of being a procedure aimed at the focal point of the face. Nose forms that are unhappy or cause various complaints can be reshaped with changes made in accordance with the person's facial structure.

Before Rhinoplasty

The nose, which constitutes the proportion focus of the face, also has a functioning with many functions. Rhinoplasty has an important and sensitive point in terms of preserving the basic anatomical structure of the nose in order to perform its functional functions in a healthy way, as well as being important in terms of the aesthetic appearance of the nose. 

The nose is an organ in which the capillaries are very dense. The structure of the nose formed by capillaries and anatomically sensitive cartilaginous tissues has certain sensitive points that need to be paid attention to before the rhinoplasty procedure to be performed. 

Before rhinoplasty, in accordance with the relevant examinations and detailed evaluations carried out by the specialist doctor, it is necessary to perform critical tests with the relevant person. The person's complaints and expectations should be addressed by combining them with the doctor's expertise and detailed evaluations. Thus, it is ensured that the probability of an effective and successful application is increased. Along with the effective and detailed criticisms performed before rhinoplasty, certain main elements that a person should pay attention to are also determined. 

The Main Elements That Need to Be Considered Before Rhinoplasty Are

Drug Use and Diseases Before Rhinoplasty

  • If there are chronic diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, asthma, hypertension, thyroid, there are medications that a person uses regularly. It is very important to evaluate the possibility of any negative effects of the use of these drugs in terms of the rhinoplasty procedure and to act accordingly. 
  • Before the rhinoplasty procedure, in case of occurrence of diseases such as colds, flu, urinary tract infection, a doctor should definitely be consulted. During rhinoplasty, it is necessary that there are no such conditions accompanying the operation, the operation can be postponed if necessary.
  • There should be no excessive fatigue, excessive alcohol or drug use, which can cause pressure on the immune system.
  • Aspirin, blood thinners, vitamins, GNC or Solgar products, homeopathic ingredients and herbal products such as green tea used before rhinoplasty cause serious bleeding problems during and after surgery. In this regard, these drugs or substances should not be used for 15 days before surgery and for 15 days after surgery. 
  • Before rhinoplasty, it is necessary to provide information to a specialist doctor about sugar, heart and thyroid medications that should be used regularly. 
  • Birth control pills increase the risk of clots forming in the legs. In this regard, 4 weeks before rhinoplasty, it is necessary to discontinue the use of birth control pills. 
  • Cigarette consumption and overweight pose a risk in terms of both anesthesia application, blood circulation and wound healing. In this regard, it is recommended to quit smoking 15 days before rhinoplasty, to plan the operation after the loss of excess weight. 

Fasting Time Before Rhinoplasty

During and after rhinoplasty, in order to avoid nausea, vomiting and undesirable conditions that may develop due to these conditions, the consumption of liquid foods, including solid and water, should be discontinued 8 hours before the surgery time. 

Fasting for more than 8 hours before the rhinoplasty procedure causes blood sugar to drop and the body to become dehydrated. This condition causes the accumulation of gastric secretions, nausea and vomiting to increase. From this point of view, it is very important to adjust the fasting state in a balanced way before surgery.