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Eyelid Aesthetics

The eye area is the area that attracts the most attention on the human face and shows the effects of aging the most. Especially the eyelids are areas with a very sensitive structure as a skin structure.

The fact that the eyelids are quite mobile in terms of their structure, as well as having a very thin and sensitive skin structure, causes them to appear on our face as a region where we can see the effects of aging more clearly.

In the light of recent technological developments and studies, a significant change has occurred in the perspective of the source of the problem along with the methods used in eyelid aesthetics applications. The inadequacies and problems observed in the eyelid surgery techniques performed as standard have been identified and important stages have been recorded in the applications. The most important thing is that eyelid aesthetics is no longer limited to bagless eyelid creation applications, but has become procedures that treat the face as a whole.

Thus, it ensures that the problem is solved not by itself, but in accordance with the main reasons, and provides more effective and successful treatment results in aesthetic operations.

What is Eyelid Aesthetics?

Eyelid aesthetics can be applied as a result of some of the findings mentioned above, which occur as a result of various factors in the eyelid. Eyelid aesthetics are applications that bring the eyelids that are drooping or wrinkled into a younger and firmer form.

In eyelid aesthetics, excess skin, loosening muscle tissue and excess fat formed on the eyelid November be eliminated as a result of the applications made and a youthful appearance can be provided on the eyelids.

What are the Signs of Old Age?

The eyelids are the place with the most sensitive and thin skin quality on the face. At the same time, in terms of being quite mobile, the eyelids reveal the effects of time as a result of various factors as follows;

  • With the progression of age, the forehead region decreases downwards. With this downward sagging, the eyebrows begin to fall over the upper eyelids over time. Due to the pressure created by this sagging, a downward shift occurs in the eyelids. This condition, called eyelid dropsy, negatively affects the viewing angle of the eye and can cause problems such as eyelid laziness over time.
  • There is a membrane inside the eye that separates the fat bags surrounding the eyeball from the lower eyelid. The membrane, which has this elastic structure and acts as a barrier, loses its elasticity and loosens over time, making it unable to bear the load of fat bags.
  • In this case, the oils overflow outward and eye bags appear.
  • The skin on the eyelids is the thinnest and most sensitive skin on the entire human body. This skin structure is attached to the highly mobile muscles located at the bottom. 
  • Therefore, with each eye movement performed, the probability of wrinkling and sagging of the eye skin increases more. The eyelids are the place where the signs of aging are most obvious and the earliest, and the wrinkles called “crowbar” that form around the eyes are the most well-known example of this condition.
  • A deep hollow occurs over time at the upper border of the cheeks and the border of detention.

This cavity, which occurs in the custody, arises from the formation of downward sagging on the cheeks.

What Are the Factors That Cause Eyelid Aesthetics?

The eyelid is the facial region that allows us to observe the effects of factors acting over time in the fastest way, in terms of having the thinnest and delicate skin structure in the entire human body. In this direction, the factors that cause eyelid aesthetics can be listed as follows;

  • Aging; causes us to find the effects of time markedly with the effect of other factors on a person's eyelids. Aging is a natural process and the effects that occur during this process cause sagging eyelids. In addition, the relaxation of the eyelid muscles and the bagging that occurs also constitute the factors that cause eyelid aesthetics November aging.
  • Genetic factors can cause congenital predispositions of a person or eyelid miscarriages that can be observed directly.
  • Gravity appears to us as a factor whose effects we experience throughout our lives.However, the eyelid, which is constantly moving, reveals the effects of gravity more than enough due to its thin and sensitive structure.

Methods of Eyelid Aesthetics

Eyelid aesthetics are operations that can be performed by applying local or general anesthesia and that allow the removal of the existing excess on our eyelids. Eyelid aesthetics are basically carried out through two elements.

Upper Eyelid Plastic Surgery

In eyelid aesthetics, operations performed on the upper eyelid;

  • An incision is made at the place of folding of the upper eyelid.
  • Excess skin that causes sagging on the upper eyelid and fat bags that are deemed necessary are removed.
  • The necessary operations are performed approximately in the 1-1.5 time zone.
  • Since the incision applied in upper eyelid surgeries is located on the folding line of the eye, the scar that may occur will not be noticed.

Lower Eyelid Plastic Surgery

In eyelid aesthetics, surgeries performed on the lower eyelid;

  • An incision is made around the underside of the eyelash.
  • As a result of sagging in the eyelid, the excess skin that occurs in the lower eyelid should be removed extremely carefully and well calculated.

There is an excess of fat in the lower eyelid area in 3 separate sections.In new techniques, this fatty tissue is removed as little as possible, the remaining part is distributed under the eyes and in the cheek area.

Thus, both a younger appearance is achieved and the bags under the eyes are eliminated.

The operation is carried out in the 1- 1,5 time zone.
Since the incision is performed around the eyelashes in lower eyelid aesthetics, its prominence will decrease after the first week and it will disappear imperceptibly after about a year.