As people get older, the quality of elastic and collagen fibers under the skin deteriorates, and accordingly, facial wrinkles form and deepen.Changes begin in our face over time.

Deep horizontal lines on our foreheads and vertical lines between the two eyebrows are formed depending on the frequency of use of facial expressions. Wrinkles that we call crow's feet are formed at the edges of the eyes. The cheeks look more flabby, empty and decadent.The lips become thinner and curl downwards.Wrinkles and collapse –dimpling begin at the edges of the lips, especially at the bottom.Deep lines ( Nasolabial lines) are formed that run from both sides of the nose to the edges of the mouth.

Fillers are used to eliminate or alleviate these problems. The important thing here is to remove the tired and aged expression on the face without disturbing the harmony of the face and to provide a natural rejuvenation.

Results are obtained immediately in fillings, no serious preliminary preparation and hospital environment are required.

How Should the Filler Be? 

It is necessary to pay attention to the following materials to be used as fillers.

It should not be carcinogenic

Should not be allergic
It should not disrupt the structure of the tissue
The clinical effect should be known
The effect should last for a long time. In our country, hyaluronic acid-containing, polylactic acid-containing and polyacralamide products are often used.

The application areas of these fillers on the face are more often as follows.

Lip fillers, nasolabial lines (these lines give the best response to filler. These lines are the lines that start from the lower edges of the nose and go down to the edges of the lips. In some people, it appears in the form of a pronounced, deep groove.) Injections usually do not cause significant pain, but local anesthesia should definitely be applied before the lip plumping procedure.Rejuvenation is observed on the face after filling.
Cheeks and cheekbones: Cheek filler gives baby beauty to the face.It lifts the face upwards and relieves wrinkles.Positively improves the expression of the face.His face looks happy.
Chin : With aging, our chin shrinks and sags.For this reason, it is necessary to tidy up the chin and under the lips with filler.
Bags under the eyes and darkening under the eyes
Deep wrinkles between two eyebrows Dec
Cracks above the lip-lines
It is possible to correct many facial defects with filler.Even facial imbalances and asymmetry can be repaired. It is very useful to do these procedures gradually.