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Revizyon Burun Ameliyatı

Revision Nose Surgery Istanbul

The nose is a focal point that forms the middle symmetry of the face and therefore attracts a lot of attention. When communicating, people most carefully and most often focus on the facial area. The nose, which is the focal point of the face, which is the basic region of communication, has a very remarkable quality both in our own image when we look in the mirror and in the communication relationships established. In terms of its moderate symmetry and focal point, the nose can often cause aesthetic concerns, physical complaints and functional problems.

Revision rhinoplasty of the nose rhinoplasty procedures performed as a result of concerns related to the structure and aesthetic image after processing is required or necessary.What is Revision Nose Surgery?

Rhinoplasty is performed in accordance with certain complaints and aesthetic concerns. Although rhinoplasty is performed, if the problems do not go away or undesirable results occur, revision nose surgery may be necessary as a secondary procedure.

Various problems may occur in patients due to the newly formed nose shape or respiratory distress. In some cases, the patient is not satisfied with the newly created nose shape and may request certain changes to be made on it. At this point, the effect of rhinoplasty being an aesthetic operation performed individually is in question. Aesthetic nose surgeries are personalized and successful applications that can be achieved to the extent of the patient's satisfaction.

Revision nose surgery, in fact, appears as a procedure that progresses in more difficult conditions both from the patient's point of view and from the doctor's point of view and should be performed more meticulously. The surgeon should comfort the patient, perform meticulous evaluations and provide the necessary information in detail and ensure that the problems are successfully resolved together with the revision surgery.

Revision nose surgery is based on the fact that the surgeon does not experience a loss of trust in the patient again and can be performed successfully in this direction.

What Are the Reasons for Revision Nose Surgery?

Some of the reasons for the emergence of revision nose surgery as a necessity are due to surgical errors, some of them are due to patient errors, and some of them are the result of unforeseen circumstances. If the reasons are left aside, we can list the reasons for the need for revision nose surgery as follows,

  • Possible complications
  • Noses with too much bone or cartilage removed
  • Angles that do not look aesthetically pleasing
  • Asymmetries that exceed the limits of the natural anatomical structure of the nose
  • The structure of the nose that looks aesthetically beautiful, but cannot perform its basic functions, cannot breathe

After aesthetic nose surgery, if an undesirable or unsatisfactory result occurs and a secondary procedure becomes a requirement, performing revision nose surgery arises as a need.

How is Revision Nose Surgery Performed?

The problem that occurs in the nose may be excessive or lost tissues, or conditions such as asymmetry, respiratory distress may occur.

After the first surgical intervention, problems caused by lost or over-removed tissues in the nose can be treated by removing bone and cartilage from various parts of the body for repair. The nasal skeleton has a structure consisting of cartilage and bone, so the main skeleton must be supported by a solid tissue. In simple cases, deficiencies can be corrected with cartilage tissue taken from the ear area. In advanced cases, rib cartilage, even rib cartilage and bone can be used for repair in some cases. The temporal November fascia taken from the scalp can also be added to this procedure.

In the asymmetries that occur after aesthetic nose surgeries, the nasal skeleton can be opened again and the necessary shapes can be made, the low nose tips can be moved up and the ideal places can be determined.

In aesthetic nose surgeries where breathing problems occur, usually, the respiratory distress that is already present is overlooked and it appears clearly after rhinoplasty. With revision nose surgeries, respiratory problems in the nose can be treated.

When Is Revision Nose Surgery Performed?

We can talk about the healing mechanism as a valid condition for all tissues in our body. In order for the body tissues that have been subjected to surgical intervention to recover and return to their former healthy structures, a certain period of time must pass. This situation arises as a necessity of the healing mechanism.

After aesthetic nose surgeries, certain damages inevitably occur in the related tissues at certain rates, and in order for these damages to heal, a certain period of time must elapse as a necessity of the healing mechanism. In this transformation and healing process, revision should not be applied.

After aesthetic nose surgeries, at least 9 months and even 1 year should pass after the first surgery in order for the tissues subjected to surgical intervention to return to their original softness and healthy structure. After the first surgical intervention, the necessary transformation is achieved in the tissues within an average period of about a year. No revision intervention should be carried out during this transformation process.