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Nose Flesh Reduction

The nose is the structure that allows oxygen, which is necessary for the regular and healthy functioning of the body system, to be taken in through breathing. The most common situation that occurs in the nose area and therefore negatively affects breathing is the problem of swelling of the nasal flesh. Before giving information about nose flesh problems and nose flesh reduction operations that often occur and cause various negative situations, it will be healthy to mention what nose flesh is in terms of understanding the subject in a general sense.

What is Nose Meat?

Nasal flesh is the name given to the structure consisting of tissue and bone, which is a part of the anatomical structure of the nose, which is small, but has many functions in terms of breathing, which is usually manifested by blockages occurring in the nose.

We can list the basic functions of the nasal flesh, called turbinate in medical language, in the body as follows;

  • Nasal flesh ensures that substances such as particles and viruses contained in the air taken through the nose are cleaned before being sent to the lungs. The air sent to the lungs is first taken through the nose and filtered by the nasal flesh, so that the air sent to the lungs is of a healthy nature.
  • The flesh of the nose has the task of heating and humidifying the air taken in by breathing in accordance with the body balance. The air taken through the nose during breathing is cold, especially in winter, and this situation makes it necessary to balance the air taken in accordance with the body system. The nasal flesh has the task of balancing the air intake according to the humidity structure or temperature of the environment in which breathing is performed.
  • The nasal flesh, which has the task of filtering the air received through the nose, heating and humidifying it according to the body balance, tries to fulfill these functions by swelling, especially in cold weather. In this direction, the most important cause of blockages that occur in the nose in cold weather is the swelling of the nasal flesh or, in other words, the turbinate in the nose.

The flesh of the nose consists of soft tissue and bone, the growth or swelling that occurs in the flesh of the nose occurs in the soft tissue or bone. In some cases, abnormal growths may occur in the soft tissue along with the bone. Swelling or growth of the nasal flesh, which has various functions in the body, occurs for various reasons, often causes conditions that require treatment and, in some cases, surgery.

Why Does Growth Occur on the Flesh of the Nose?

The nose is a structure that has vital functions and forms an important Decoupling between the body and the outside world. However, the growth or swelling conditions that occur in the nasal flesh, which has important functions in the respiratory system, have negative effects on the basic functions of the body. We can list the factors that cause the condition of nasal flesh growth, which causes various problems in the body, as follows:

Allergy is an important factor in terms of swelling of the nasal flesh and abnormal growth after a while. Most often, allergy, which occurs in people as the development of a reaction in the body to factors such as dust, pollen, can cause permanent swelling in the nasal flesh.
Infection is one of the most common problems in the respiratory tract. Infections that occur in the respiratory tract cause swelling of the nasal flesh, and permanent growths may form in the nasal flesh with the occurrence of chronic or long-term respiratory diseases.

The drugs used are usually aimed at the treatment of upper respiratory tract diseases, but in the same direction, they can cause nasal growth due to the chemicals they contain.

Environmental factors; indicate the nature of the air taken from the outside world by breathing. The flesh of the nose, whose main task is to balance the air taken in by breathing, swells if the air in the environment is dirty or humid. With the continuous unhealthy nature of the inhaled air, abnormal growth occurs in the flesh of the nose.
Nasal flesh growth can occur during pregnancy, as well as in cases of bone curvatures that are present in the nose or appear later.

Nose Flesh Reduction Applications

Nasal sprays; Sprays with special substances in them can be used for the purpose of reducing the flesh of the nose. However, these sprays should not be used for more than 5-6 days, it is also worth noting that they do not have a therapeutic property.

Radiofreakance method; It appears as a shrinkage method used in the treatment of nasal flesh. In the radiofrequency method, after local or general anesthesia is applied to the person, radiofrequency energy is given to the nasal flesh and thus the volumetric reduction of the nasal flesh is achieved.

Ultrasonicaspiration is a tissue reduction method used in the treatment of buru etleri. This method can be performed using laser light or ultrasonic sound waves. After a small hole of 1-2 mm is created on the front side of the lower nasal flesh, ultrasonic sound waves are dropped into and on top of the nasal flesh. Thus, the nasal flesh and the skeletal part that holds the nasal flesh can be eliminated. With this method, useful tissues can be preserved and treatment can be provided before bleeding occurs.

Nose Reduction Surgery

In cases where abnormal growths occurring in the flesh of the nose cause various complaints in the person, nose flesh reduction surgeries are performed. In people who have constant nasal congestion and do not respond to other treatment options, nasal flesh reduction is performed by surgical method.

Nasal growth of bone and soft tissue when it occurs in allergic nasal growth is observed when growth occurs in people with certain genetic factors or constant nasal or nasal surgery can be done through the removal of nasal surgery may also be mentioned.

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