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Prominent Ear Surgery Istanbul

The prominent ear problem, which is a common problem all over the world and in our country, is a condition that does not cause any negative effect on the general functioning of the body, but causes various aesthetic concerns and discomfort.

A prominent ear is usually perceived as a larger ear than it should be, but a prominent ear is not a condition related to ear size, it is only related to the shape of the ear cartilage. As a result of technological developments, prominent ear surgeries, which cause aesthetic concerns and complaints in people, can be treated effectively and quickly using modern and simple techniques.

What is a Prominent Ear?

A prominent ear is a disfigurement that is often seen in the ear area. The prominent ear problem mainly arises due to two conditions;

The fact that the cartilages in the ear area are loose causes the angle of the ear with the head to be wider than it should be. In this case, the ear seems to be open to the outside.

Due to the insufficiency of the ear folds, the ear looks flatter than it should be. If the upper folds that should be present in a normal ear structure are not formed or formed insufficiently, a prominent ear condition occurs.
Basically, the prominent ear problem caused by two conditions causes the appearance of an unaesthetic image with the ears tilted forward or sideways. The prominent ear condition usually occurs in both ears, and in some cases it can occur in one ear.

What Are the Reasons?

  • The prominent ear appears completely due to genetic factors. If the prominent ear, which is a congenital problem, is seen in the mother or father, the probability of occurrence increases in the person.
  • Because the angle between the bone behind the ear and the auricle is too wide compared to normal, the problem of the Decapitated ear may occur.
  • The prominent ear problem arises due to the fact that the ear cartilages have a loose nature from birth.
  • The presence of deformities in the ear structure due to hereditary reasons causes the folds located at the top of the ear to not form adequately and the auricle to be in a flat structure, as if ironed.
  • Ongoing studies on the prominent ear condition are investigating the relationship of looseness in the ear November muscles with the levels of the hormone estrogen in the blood.

How is Prominent Ear Surgery Performed?

Prominent ear surgeries should be performed with the right techniques and at the right time, taking into account the patient's age.

In prominent ear surgeries, an incision is made exactly behind the ear. Due to the incision made behind the ear, the possibility of scarring is eliminated.
Prominent ear surgery can be performed by applying local or general anesthesia.
Stitches that need to be removed after surgery are not formed.

The duration of prominent ear surgeries usually takes 45-90 minutes on average, although it varies depending on the level of ear problem found in the person.
Istanbul Prominent ear surgery does not have any effect on the person's hearing during the recovery process and after. The recovery period of prominent ear surgeries, which can be performed with simple, fast and effective methods, is a maximum of 1-2 weeks.

What is Done in Prominent Ear Surgery?

The main purpose of prominent ear surgery is to change the shape of the ear. In this direction, changes are made in the shape of the ear by acting on the two basic elements that cause the formation of a prominent ear.

If the angle formed by the ear with the head is wider than normal, it is aimed to reduce this angle in prominent ear surgeries. In order to reduce the angle between the ear and the head, firm stitches are made exactly at the junction of the ear and the Decapitation. Thus, a normal ear and head angle is formed.
If sufficient folds do not form in the upper part of the ear, strong stitches are applied to the cartilage from behind the ear, under the skin, so that the ear bends. Thus, the image in the ear, which seems to be ironed and unaesthetic, is transformed into a natural curve.

Prominent Ear Surgery in Children

Prominent ear problems observed in infancy can ensure that the problem is eliminated without the need for surgery in the future, as a result of the use of certain elastic bands for several months under the control of a doctor.

In childhood, prominent ear surgeries can be performed even at primary school age. The prominent ear surgeries to be performed during childhood are decided as a result of the examination performed by the plastic surgeon.

Prominent ear surgery, which can also be performed on adults, but is performed in childhood, is important for the child to develop in a more self-confident and healthy way psychologically and socially. In this regard, the most appropriate age December in terms of performing prominent ear surgery in the pre-primary school period; It is indicated as around 4-6 years of age.

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