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Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring and sleep apnea are an important otolaryngological problem that causes a decrease in the quality of life. The problem in question, which is usually experienced in adults, can also be seen in children.

Various methods can be used with the development of technology for the diagnosis and treatment of snoring and sleep apnea problems.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Briefly, sleep apnea, which is defined as stopping breathing during sleep; definitely needs treatment for respiratory stops lasting longer than 10 seconds. So much so that breathing stops due to sleep apnea and the oxygen the body needs cannot be provided. For this reason, in addition to drowsiness, concentration disorder and fatigue during the day, it can also cause heart diseases in the long term.

Causes of Snoring, Causes of Snoring

Snoring is a sound caused by the soft tissues in the throat area vibrating and hitting each other due to the airflow. The factors that cause snoring problem can be listed as follows;

  • The use of various drugs
  • Inability to provide enough sleep
  • Heart diseases
  • Blood pressure elevation
  • Alcohol
  • Allergic reactions that affect the throat
  • The problem of colds
  • Do not be above the ideal weight
  • Tonsil swelling
  • Anatomical disorders in the nose, jaw and throat areas

In addition to the above factors, sleep apnea can also cause snoring problems.

Snoring Treatment Prices

Snoring treatment is planned as a result of investigating the causes. In this case, snoring treatment prices are determined by the factors that cause snoring and the treatment method to be applied.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Prices

Sleep apnea treatment can be applied with conservative methods. In cases where the mentioned methods do not bring benefits, the surgeon resorts to treatment methods (usually tongue root surgery). In this process, the most important factor determining the price of sleep apnea treatment is which treatment method to apply.

The Relationship Between Snoring and Sleep Apnea Dec

Sleep apnea is defined as stopping breathing for various reasons, while snoring occurs as a result of relaxation of soft tissues in the pharyngeal region, as a result of air flow hitting each other with vibration. People who have sleep apnea problems usually also have snoring problems. Snoring, on the other hand, is defined as simple snoring and occurs only as a result of complaints that develop due to alcohol consumption, fatigue and drug use. The snoring problem experienced due to sleep apnea also appears as a symptom of sleep apnea.

Treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Before treating snoring and sleep apnea, the patient should undergo a detailed examination and diagnostic process. The diagnosis of sleep apnea is made by detailed physical examination, imaging methods such as MRI, computed tomography and endoscopy, as well as sleep testing (polysomnography) applications.

A qualified treatment planning is formed in the patient who has been diagnosed and the causative factors have been evaluated. The main treatment methods for snoring and sleep apnea can be listed as follows;

  • Making a number of changes in lifestyle
  • Using CPAP (positive compressed air machine)
  •  Soft palate surgeries
  • Tongue root surgeries
  • Tongue root radiofrequency applications

Herbal Treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Although herbal methods do not constitute a permanent and definitive solution in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea, they should definitely be applied under the supervision of a doctor. In addition, it is more useful to take a number of precautions than herbal methods that can be used to support conservative and surgical treatment methods applied. Regulation of the sleeping position, cessation of alcohol consumption, reaching the ideal weight and discontinuation of sleeping medications are among the measures to be taken in this regard.