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Nasal Side Wall Weakness

If there is not enough support on the side walls of the nose, the patient cannot breathe through the nose due to the fact that the wings of the nose collapse inward during breathing. This condition can be congenital and developmental, as well as occur after a previous operation. These patients typically begin to breathe very comfortably when both index fingers are placed at the places where the nose and cheek meet and a slight opening movement is made towards the ears. We call this the Cottle maneuver and use it in the diagnosis of valve stenosis.

Nasal Valve Stenosis and Side Wall Weakness 

The treatment of nasal valve stenosis is also performed surgically, and the side walls of the nose must be reconstructed by placing the cartilage taken from the nose in the appropriate places at the appropriate angles.

This operation can be performed at the same moment as septum deviation, nose flesh reduction and aesthetic nose surgery. When done alone, a tape is worn on the nose for 3-5 days. In the nose, small tampons are placed for 1-2 days, although they vary depending on the situation.