Konka/Burun Eti Operasyonu

Turbinate/Nose Flesh Operation

What is Turbinate?

'Turbinates' are structures in the nose that have three, sometimes four pieces on each side of the nose and regulate nasal breathing by swelling and descending. When the vessels fill with blood, these structures swell, and when the vessels contract, they shrink.

It has useful tasks such as humidifying and directing the air passing through the nose, nasal reflexes, resting the receptors in the nose, resting the lungs by making them work alternately.

When Do They Create Problems?

Turbinates, whose structure and function are normal, only cause congestion on that side when they swell when there is a curvature in the walls separating the inside of the nose in two. This phenomenon can be eliminated only by correcting the nasal wall.

What are Structural Disorders?

They can be larger or smaller than usual . Polyps may form on them, tumors, although rare, and in some chronic conditions, its tissue and therefore its structure may deteriorate.

What are functional disorders? These structures, which swell and Decelerate at regular intervals throughout the day, are popularly known as ‘nose meat’. December 2019. They grow together with some diseases or their functions are disrupted and they disturb the person by swelling more than usual. If structural disorders occur at certain periods and can be corrected with medication, drug treatment can be applied.

If they have shown permanent dysfunction or have reached an irreversible structure that cannot be shrunk with medications, they are shrunk surgically, by laser, Shaver or by Radiofrequency method, which has been used frequently in recent years.

You will undergo a nose operation, although there is no skin incision, excessive swelling and discomfort on the outside.

Because of this, you will need to take the necessary measures.

In the middle turbinate, the most common problem is the swelling of the inside of the flesh with air. This is called concha bullosa. It can lead to nasal discharge. If it is too big, it also causes nasal congestion. Its treatment is the surgical removal of the outer half. In noses with polyps, sometimes part of the turbinates may also be polypized. In this case, it is also necessary to remove the polypized parts.