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What are Noise Protectors and How Effective Are They?

If you have one or more of the above indicators, or if you suspect that your child does not hear normally, an ear examination and hearing test are required. This can be done at any age, even immediately after birth. It makes it possible to scan hearing in newborns with computerized hearing scans. These tests can reveal even mild hearing loss that the mother, father or child does not notice. A loss in one ear can be detected in this way. Such a loss, even slight, can affect speech and language. Hearing loss can even be caused by earwax or fluid accumulation in the ear. The hearing of many children with this type of hearing loss can be corrected with medication or minor surgery. Some children have permanent hearing loss at varying levels. Early diagnosis, early treatment, application of hearing aids and early initiation of special educational programs help to bring the child's current hearing to the highest level.